Our Captive Portal and Unify Wireless solution, allows you to offer free Guest WiFi whilst capturing GDPR compliant customer data.

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1. Registration

Your guest’s login using their social media account, or by using their email address.

2. Email Verification

Depending on their login method your guests will be prompted to follow you on social media or verify their email address to connect.

3. Connect

Once verified, guests are redirected to your landing page on connection without needing to re-register.


Ubiquiti Networking

Use your existing or supplied Unify hardware. Get in touch for network design or installation services. From single Access Points to complex locations, all with easy management for performance & alerts.

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Fully compliant, require guests to accept terms & marketing consent. Easily delete personal information and history.


Automate your integration with Mailchimp, add collected email addresses or optional custom fields to your campaign.


We can design supply and manage your network or simply integrate with your existing Unify deployments.


Your Captive Portal and guest registration emails are matched to your website or corporate identity.

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Easily manage your Captive Portal and captured data from a single pane.

Visitor Metrics

Analysis of guest visits and WiFi usage over time, filter by dates and times.

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Guest Experience

Configure captive portal pages, change branding and text.


Automatically add collected data to your mailing lists.

Data Management

Export collected details to CSV and Excel formats. Directly delete selected personal information and user history. Hosted in UK only Data Centres.

Existing Hardware

Easily integrate your Unify Access Points with our Captive Portal using your existing Unify Controller or simply migrate to our hosted Unify Portal for central management, all for a fixed annual fee.

£271 per yr.

Replace Wireless

As part of the service we supply two Unify Access Points configured and ready to go. Simply plug into your existing network and you are live within 15 minutes with Guest & Private WiFi.

£517 per yr.

From Scratch

Building upon previous packages, we further provide Unify switchgear and a Secure Gateway. Tailored to your venue, securely manage and control your Guest and Private networks.

Click above for your free 30-day trial
Annual recurring pricing subject to VAT. StartPro packages assume existing onsite cabling. Additionally we offer a full network design and installation service as part of any package.
All packages require existing onsite Internet connectivity or can be provided as an additional service.
Sample network design for our Pro package:
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Get a complete overview of your network with the Unify Portal.

Unify Dashboard

View and manage Devices, connection statistics, insights into network usage and connected clients. Email alerts and notifications on device errors and status all from the central management portal.
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